Commission Request


Let's make some magic. If you perused through this site and thought, "hey this guy isn’t half bad, I might want something from him," well, this is the page to be! Before you submit the questionnaire below, start thinking of some identifiers we need before we can move forward. These will greatly help determine the price of your dream product and also the turnaround time. Smaller doesn’t always mean its easier or faster to make, and bigger doesn’t always mean more expensive. This is the start of a beautiful, beautiful dialogue. So before you fill this out, please add in the comment/message box these answers. 

  1. What would you like made? List everything you’d like to see in your display, as well as the subject matter. 
  2. How big would you like your display to be, in inches? Food for thought, usually I build in 1/43-1/50th scales. But I can go bigger. I have built from 1/12th scale to 1/6th scales. If you are unsure of scale, look up a scale chart on the Google machine.
  3. Would you like LED light up features? Lamp poles, interior lights, exterior lighting, cars with lights on a street? Computer screens lit up? That sorta thing. 
  4. A free standing piece, or a hanging piece? ...or both? Usually I determine this part of the build when I’m in the early stages of building. But we can make any piece able to either sit on a desk, or be hung up like a picture frame, or do best of both worlds and have both options. 
  5. Lastly, and probably most importantly to you, the consumer, what budget would you like to work within? 

So, if you have that awesome idea and want to make it into a reality, shoot me those answers in the comments, and we can go from there.

Remember: Custom work takes time and there may be a waiting list! If you are wanting your custom piece by a specific date (a major holiday or birthday, for example), let's have a discussion well before crunch time.
For example: If you're wanting something in time for Christmas, the best way to guarantee a piece is to reach out in November, if not earlier--commission spots fill up quickly! 

Thanks as always!
-Griffin Barker